What I'm fighting for


In the State House, I'll advocate for

Feeding our kids and families
Strengthening the rights of renters and tenants
Protecting Arkansans with disabilities

Too many kids are going to bed hungry in rental properties that aren’t even habitable. Something has gotta give. The people that are supposed to be our voice at the Capitol aren’t advocating for us. I’ve spent my life serving my kids, my community, and my church— now, I’m ready to speak up and fight for policies that will fix the systems that cause poverty. We know we can do better for our kids and communities. It’s time.

Feeding our kids and families

Too many kids go to bed hungry every day in Arkansas. As a mother and grandmother, it breaks my heart to know that nearly 20% of our state’s children lack the food they need. As a director of one of the largest food pantries in Northwest Arkansas, I know the impact food insecurity can have — if kids go without a meal, they have a tougher time in school and developing the skills they need to be successful. We can empower our amazing charities here in Arkansas and increase funding for our children. 

Strengthening Renters' Rights

Isaiah 32:18 reads, “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” As the worst state in the nation to be a renter, Arkansas can easily improve the protections we offer to those looking to live in our beautiful state. Tenant habitability protections are available in all 49 other states, and Arkansas can join the rest of the nation, even if we’re a few years late. My faith and my humanity guides my belief that renters deserve better in Arkansas. No one should be criminalized for being unable to pay their rent, but Arkansas is also the only state to allow criminal proceedings for evictions. I will reform our eviction statute and give renters habitability protections in the Arkansas house.

Protecting Arkansans with Disabilities

As a minister, faith and compassion guide my work and my life. My commitment to our community starts with ensuring everyone has the same opportunities and the resources they need. As your state representative, I will lead with compassion to protect our children and adults with disabilities. We can remove the red tape and government disorganization that prevents our families from reaching the services they need.


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